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Saturday, October 8, 2011

FIESTA Dinnerware Sale and Review!

Fiesta from Homer Laughlin China is my favorite brand for everyday dishes at my home.

I just added another Jumbo 18oz. Mug in Sunflower to my collection yesterday and the best part is that is only cost me .50 cents! The Khol's store near me just sent out a $10.00 Coupon to use and they were currently running a sale on Fiesta so this $15.00 cup was marked down to $10.50 then the coupon made it only .50 cents! This is now my favorite Coffee (and tea) cup for those chilly days ahead :)  I think it reminds me of the summer time sunflowers from my garden and brightens up a rainy day here in the Pacific NW.

I love the Fiesta dinnerware colors so mixing and matching is easy and fun! I have been collecting pieces  for about 12 years now, mostly the shades of blue (turquoise, cobalt, periwinkle blue and juniper) but thought it might be nice to add some yellow.  A few other reasons I would highly suggest Fiesta dinnerware is that they are Lead - free, made in the USA and they are very durable. I know my family and I have dropped them on several occasions and have never broken any. Whats your favorite family dishes?

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