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Friday, February 24, 2012

FREEBIES for you FRIDAY and More through 2-29

Check out this list of Easy on the Budget Freebies and Deals, while supplies last or see specific dates listed: 

Free Craisins (on Facebook) 

Get a free sample of new Craisins from Ocean Spray via Facebook. Like their page on Facebook and sign up for this great snack!

Complimentary Subscription to CRUISE TRAVEL Magazine

Get a free year subscription to Cruise Travel Magazine from

Free Short Stack @ IHOP Pancake Day 2-28 

February 28th is National IHOP Pancake Day!

Since beginning its National Pancake Day celebration in 2006, IHOP has raised nearly $8 million to support charities in the communities in which it operates. On February 28, 2012, guests from around the country are invited to celebrate National Pancake Day at IHOP and enjoy a free short stack of Buttermilk pancakes. In return for the free pancakes, guests are asked to consider leaving a donation for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals(c) and other designated local charities.

Free Subway Cookie with any Purchase 2-29

Get a Free Subway Cookie with purchase February 29th to celebrate Leap Year. RSVP on Facebook or Print out a Reminder/ Coupon

Country Crock Coupon $1.00 off to Print

Get a Free Country Crock Pumpkin Spread at Walmart by using this coupon (It is on sale for currently $0.98 so will be Free with Coupon) 

Also, while your at Walmart check out this Freebie at their Vision Center  for a FREE Lens Cleaner and cloth at Walmart!! 
You will need to print the coupon first.

Go Here for Special Free Lego Club In School Edition Magazine 

For Educators (and Homeschool) of Elementary age, you can receive this Special Lego Club In School Edition Magazine Free!

LEGO Club In-School Edition Magazine (Second, Third, and Fourth Grade) and corresponding teacher's guide were developed for use in second and third grade classrooms and focus on the theme Heroes. Material may not be relevant for all grades. Shipping of Heroes requests will begin in April 2012. Requests will be accepted through May 2012.
**Two teacher's guides will accompany every 50 magazines ordered. 
(I had to order the lowest amount which is 50 so I will be sharing with other homeschool families and groups.)
and don't forget you can also receive the regular Free 2 Year Lego Club Subscription offered for your little builder if you haven't already for great tips and information. My son always looks forward to his coming in the mail! Click Here for Free Lego Club Magazine 2 Year Subscription

Enjoy this really nice Nescafe (on Facebook) Free Sample. You just need to Like their page and enter necessary information to receive Nescafe Taster's Choice Variety Pack. I have got this before so they have brought it back while supplies last. Great offer!

Head on over to the Gud by Burt's Bees facebook page, and after you like the page, you can request a FREE sample of body lotion plus a coupon to go along with it. You can choose from these 3 scents: Orange Petalooza, Vanilla Flame, or Floral Cherrynova. These may go quick!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's a CARA CARA you ask?

Have you tried the Cara Cara Naval Oranges available at most supermarkets now? They are sold January through April and are an amazing vitamin packed treat! The beautiful pink color interior will remind you of a grapefruit but the flavor is sweeter with a slight cranberry-like hint, and no seeds.

I recently purchased an 8 pound bag at Costco for $7.79 which is an awesome deal! Most supermarkets that I have seen are selling them around $5.00 for a 3 pound bag. My family really loves these and this large bag actually disappears quite quickly, mostly just for snacks but they are also great for adding cut up into salads or squeeze the juice into a vinaigrette dressing.

Cara Cara Oranges are a special variety of juicy, low acid, seedless navels, an excellent source of vitamin C, A and fiber; a good source of folate and potassium, and a natural source of Lycopene, the disease-fighting antioxidant. This time of year with all the colds and flu going around why not pick up a natural immune booster treat?

You can see the Sunkist Cara Cara Oranges Nutrition Label for more nutritional details on this variety at the Sunkist Website

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Save Money Buy Baking Soda - 100's of Uses!

For many years I had not thought much about using Baking Soda for other than the typical uses I was accustomed to such as a leavening agent in baking products, making into a paste for bee stings and sticking a box in the refrigerator to keep odors out. My mom also used to tell me she used it growing up to clean her teeth with instead of toothpaste.

A few years ago I started looking into more economical, healthier alternatives for cleaning and have incorporated more Baking Soda uses around my home. Their is actually a book I recently read that includes over 500 uses of Baking Soda called Baking Soda, Over 500 Fabulous, Fun and Frugal Uses You've Probably Never Thought Of,  by Vicki Lansky, Book Peddlers, 2004

I decided earlier today to purchase a large bag of 13.5 lbs for $5.99 at Costco since I have found so many more uses for it. I would also suggest getting a large bottle of White Vinegar while your there as the cost is much lower and you can use these together to make a really easy household cleaner or if you saw my post from the summer, you can make an easy Fruit and Vegetable Wash using baking soda, water, vinegar and juice from a lemon. Speaking of summer, did you know you can also cool and soothe a sunburn by soaking  a lukewarm bath with a generous amount of Baking Soda? (a half to about a whole box of Baking Soda)

A few new uses I have found are:

  • Shower Cleaner - 1st , clean shower stall doors by spraying with clear vinegar. Let sit a few minutes, then scour with a sponge sprinkled with baking soda. Rinse and wipe or squeegee dry.
  • Burn remedy - You can quickly treat a non-life threatening burn by applying cold cloths dipped in ice water with baking soda added until the burn has no heat. The burn is less likely to blister with this treatment. 
  • Pet Deodorizing - Sprinkle a little in your cat box litter (if it doesn't already have odor control) 
  • An easy Drain cleaner - add Baking Soda (about a cup) down the drain and then add 1 cup hot vinegar (you can heat it in the microwave first). Wait of few minutes before flushing with very hot water (about a quart). Repeat if necessary. This is great for regular deodorizing/upkeep of drains and disposers and avoids harsh chemicals.
  • Auto Interior Cleaning - Great for freshening up your car seats and carpet. Just sprinkle on vinyl seats and wash with wet sponge or vacuum up if fabric. Sprinkle on carpet to freshen and then vacuum. 
Let me know how you use Baking Soda around your home. I will post a Part 2 for Baking Soda uses in the near future as their are so many great ways to use this amazing product!

Monday, February 6, 2012

COUPON CORNER - Pom Wonderful and Safeway Sale!

Great deal I found this last weekend that is still available at Safeway but act soon, last day of this sale is Feb. 7th. It requires last months Pom Wonderful manufacturer coupons for $1.00 off in your Sunday paper and the current Safeway advertisement posts Pom Wonderful 8oz. for .99 cents! I had 4 manufacturer coupons so I got 4 free. This is why I had to come back a few days later because the first time when the advertisement started they were completely sold out. I guess I am not the only one who figured this little gem of a deal out. 
On a quick side note: You can go to Pom Wonderful Website and sign up for emails and also get a $1.00 off coupon for their Fresh Arils (pomegranate inside seeds).
I also stocked up on Cambells Chunky Soups while I was at Safeway. They were on sale for $1.25 each (clip the coupon in the ad) and if you had the January and February Manufacturer coupons in the Sunday paper, you got them for $1.00 each because of the $1.00 off of 4 cans purchased. Again, this sale ends tomorrow night!

Any chance you can double up on the coupons/ads you can really notice a savings in your pocketbook!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Save $10 on your Order at Vitacost (Online Health & Wellness Products)

Have you heard about
They have over 30,000 health and wellness products (including items like Burt Bees above, and vitamins, supplements, herbs, personal care products, organic foods and more; the best thing is they are cheaper than the health food store!

I recently purchased some vitamins that usually cost $18 at Super Supplements but got for $13 here and then $10 off too, so it only cost me $3 plus small shipping fee. Great deal! 
Please use the link below and you can save $10 off your order like I did (using Refer A Friend Rewards is a great way to spend less!) Also remember to click on the Free Samples link on the top of their page and you can add 2 freebies from their list! Thanks and let me know what you save on!

VITACOST Link for $10 Savings