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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Back with some Super Deals for You!! Star Wars and More!

I found some great deals this week and wanted to share with you. I will try to make posting more of a regular ocurrance on here rather than just Facebook as I know some of you don't use Facebook. I have been using coupons more and more and the grocery stores and have noticed a big savings doing so. I will post some tips I use in the coming days as well.

Yesterday I (or shall I say my son, who is 10 years old) scored an amazing deal from Toys R Us. If you go to Hasbro website and sign up you can print off a coupon for Star Wars Mini Figures that is a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE ! and if you combine with this weeks TOYS R US Ad, they have BUY TWO GET ONE FREE for Star Wars Mini Figures. I called the local store in my area to confirm if I could use both these coupons and they said YES, It sounded like I would be able to BUY ONE and then I would GET TWO FREE!!! I then was able to print two of these coupons so we purchased 2 and got 4 FREE! They cost $8.99 each so for approx. $18 (+tax) we got $54 (+tax) worth of toys. The clerks at the store were very helpful and made sure the coupons scanned and in fact the deal worked before my son chose all 6.  Great stocking up or future gifts purchase! See Links Below.

Hasbro Website  don't forget to sign up your child for the giveaway (instant win game) for prizes too or just click on the MOM savings for all their coupons from Hasbro.

Click on the SUPER DEALS AND MORE IN THIS WEEKS AD on their Homepage ToysRUs